One Last Waltz

from by I Am Autumn




One last waltz
Before the end
All lights out
We're indifferent

One last waltz
Danse sur les quais
Do it with style
We are absent

And take your time
How little they now
All of this will be left behind
Throw every dime in the pyre
When the sun comes to die

One last waltz
Then we will fade
Our love is lost
We dance on its grave

And take your time
How little we know
How to deal with silence and lies
So much left unsaid
When the song comes to die

Come inside
Wait for the rain, for the plague
For boredom to arrive tonight
Or stars to collide or whatever
But please come two times
Oh, twice
How little is left in this heart
But I know it's mine, oh mine
How small is the earth
From above the sky tonight
Just tell me again everything is going to be alright
And stay for the night


from One Last Waltz, released September 27, 2012




I Am Autumn Como, Italy

Sad songs for broken hearts & zombies

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