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Sad songs for broken hearts & zombies

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Track Name: Antimatter

Don't say you're sorry
Try to be yourself
If nothing works
Let's try someone else
Long live the fury
Long live the flame
That burns wild until the end

There must be something
We barely understand
Explained by analogy
Supposed existence
Builds up the universe
Dwells in our veins
And runs wild until the end

So don't worry for me
I'll be well
Keep your world
I've got mine
Until the end
Track Name: Dies Irae
Dies Irae

Handsome one
I'm about to give you all my love
Fear me not
It's not much
But this is all I've got

Then you'll walk away
I'll do the same
Until we'll meet again

Hey, wake up
We're not lost
I think I know this road
Take it slow
Nobody else in the world will know

I don't know when
I don't know where
Maybe in the rain of May
In an island
In Spain
Maybe someday we'll meet again
Track Name: Happy Hour Of The Living Dead
Happy Hour Of The Living Dead

They were your family
They were your lovers and your friends
They were your mothers
They were youre fathers and neighbours

Although they loved ya
Now they just want to eat your brain
Though you loved them
Now it's the time to shoot their heads

They were your family
They were your lovers and your friends
They were your world
And now the world is gonna change
Track Name: Midas (feat. Orpheus Dead)

Devouring our days
Counting every second I lay
Embedded in this shape I became
I point to the sky
And the sky fades to gray

Somewhere out there
There may be something, they say
It is hidden really well
I point to you
It's always been the same

The Lotus
The Crocus
The Morning
The Afternoon

Fades to gray
Track Name: Journey To The Center Of The Heart
Journey To The Center Of The Heart

Tell the truth, tell a lie
Tell something else
To yourself, to the land
No one is innocent

Through the ground, or around
It's the same
Tell your your girl and your friends
You've gotta work a late

So shut the door
Feed the dog
Close the store
Wash the floor
Do the dishes
Cut the nails
Warm the meal
Check the mail
Clean the cut
Brush the theeth
Dust the dust
Sweep the stairs

A tiny world revolves
Around the center of the heart

To find more

Do you dream to dream?
Well, life's bizarre
You just own a cheese moon
And papercut stars
Inahale, let it go
Get your plastic ship
And tomorrow I'll be brave

To feel more
Track Name: Starmelt

You are stars
I am moon
You've got ten silver wounds
I've got ten million excuses
And every single thing to lose

Brighter than Mars
A Sun is a spark
That stains and encourage
You're everything you want to know

You are wide
I am gloom
You pick up your boom
I'm at war with a spoon
It's not the time to be amused

Deeper in the heart
Unseen lies a mark
That stains and encourage
You're everywhere you need to be

You are high
I am down
You are sky
I am ground
You are red
I am blue
You are me

I am not you

Starmelt, you are
Track Name: The Flood
The Flood

Paper and knife
Make this thing slide
Oh, bright night
I jump to phase two: fly

To be honest the flood it's already here
It's always been
And though you try and try
It's part of you
And you can't win

Boredom in the bedroom
Little little bad word
It's clear now
Can i take my clothes off?
You ought to know now
You're a big big boy son
When one goes, goes all
Like a domino

Passion in a manhole
Dirty dirty soapbar
Two minutes sleep
Postpone the alarm
Dream till it hurts
It's your wet wet hometown
Build a dam
Build a wall
But it's too late now
Track Name: Lord Of The Flies
Lord Of The Flies

Lord of the flies
Are you ashamed?
Are you lonesome tonight?

Lord of the flies
Is it true
what they say about time?

Lord of the flies
It's safer to change your allies

And when it comes
To my surprise
You're gone too far
Please, rewind

Is this all we can afford?
Is this all that we deserve?

Lord of the flies
Is it true
That your kingdom is mine?
Track Name: Headphones

When it'll be my time
Will you be by my side?
When my day will come
Play my favourite song

Oh, come on

Your oral exercise
It's making me unkind
Will you stop this whine
Or do you need fire?

Keep me safe from one hundered million useless words
Keep me away from the one i could probably love

From all this noise

Keep your planet free
I put on my AKG
When your day will come
Please, don't let me know

Oh, go on
Track Name: Clockwork

Where all these people go?
I do not know
Will they eat alone today?
Did they plan their holidays?

I see these people
Same hour, same road
Will they be happy today?
Did they change their underwear?

Maybe friday
Maybe now
We'll run away from this town
Maybe in June
Maybe July
From this country
From this life