One Last Waltz

by I Am Autumn

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released September 27, 2012

Written, performed, recorded and enginereed by Nick




I Am Autumn Como, Italy

Sad songs for broken hearts & zombies

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Track Name: One Last Waltz

One last waltz
Before the end
All lights out
We're indifferent

One last waltz
Danse sur les quais
Do it with style
We are absent

And take your time
How little they now
All of this will be left behind
Throw every dime in the pyre
When the sun comes to die

One last waltz
Then we will fade
Our love is lost
We dance on its grave

And take your time
How little we know
How to deal with silence and lies
So much left unsaid
When the song comes to die

Come inside
Wait for the rain, for the plague
For boredom to arrive tonight
Or stars to collide or whatever
But please come two times
Oh, twice
How little is left in this heart
But I know it's mine, oh mine
How small is the earth
From above the sky tonight
Just tell me again everything is going to be alright
And stay for the night
Track Name: Kludge

Hurry up, it's summertime
The birds will sing
The sun will shine
And you know that she will find
The kludge that will fix her life
This time

A lottery
A russian roulette
"Better luck next time"
Fall in love
Falling down
"He's the best lad in town"
Hey, look around

And she's waiting by the phone
She's waiting all night long
But nothing ever comes

Believe in this
Believe in what you want

He's a lover
He's a thief
Was her love counterfeit?
He's another
It's the same
He was gone when autumn came
Track Name: The Fall Of Rome

No time for martyrs to lay in their ahes
'Cause all their friends' houses are full of smiles
For the very last king there is plentiful of queens
It's a party tonight, all the city will shine
By the light of the flame, in a general decay
And emptiness and shame
The same old masquerade

And the buildings fall down
Down, down, down

The courtiers and whores will all stand in awe
With their little thoughts in their oversized cars
And left tickets unpaid in a general dismay
The end of the empire is the birth of the fire

And the buildings fall down
Down, down, down

If horses run wild
Let them run

The flame burns higher tonight
Let it burn
Track Name: Catfight

Don't go outside!
It' a bad world outside
And life's a catfight
This home is where you belong
Please come home
You little black one

Come to my bed tonight
I'll forgive you every single time
We'll miss your feeble voice
Who will warm us in this coldest night?

We'll wait by the door
But you won't come home
You won't come home
She's so alone
She's watching the door
She's watching the door
Track Name: Klaus Kinski

And it drifts away
Then comes back to shore
And it crushes like the wrath of god
In the parking lot
Five minutes later it's close
But you don't care
Hold a ticket tight
The slot meter knows the right time
Two years, maybe more
So ask it how long will it take
To go

"I'm sorry but I've been too late
If you have to go, don't hesitate"
With your new hairdo
With your tragic smile
With your favorite shoes
And your wedding dress
"Is there a working way to forget the past?"
She said "I think it's going to last"

And you're not prepared
How could you be prepared?
There's no literature on that
You just hold your breath
And watch the night instead
To see if tomorrow's sky will be bright

"I'm sorry but I've been too late
If you have to go, don't hesitate"
With your evidence
With your turgid veins
With your sleepless eyes
And your luggage done
"Is there a working way to forget the past?"
She said "Yes, let's go west"

And I feel like Kinski
In a boat full of monkeys
Sailing away
Over the mountain
Over the sea